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Beloved pets get out and get lost regardless of fences, doors and other boundaries. Having been through the anxiety of losing a pet, we know how emotionally draining it can be.

Now there is something that will dramatically reduce the risk of losing your family’s best friend. It’s called TrackEasy1TM and it uses the latest GPS and Wireless technology combined with an easy to use Web-Based Control Center. TrackEasy1TM - is a small GPS pet tracker that will provide a new level of security and enhance your peace of mind by being able to find your beloved pet location at anytime from almost anywhere via the internet, cellular phone, or from our customer service.

Unlike the implantable and collar based Chip technology which have been available for the past decade, and other GPS devices that rely on you to determine when your dog gets out. TrackEasy1TM notifies and provides you with continuous location monitoring until you find your pet.  Animals GPS has developed the most sophisticated web PLATFORM.  Various notifications to choose from: Phone Call, SMS, Emails.

TrackEasy1TM will notify you if your pet gets out and help you find him before he is lost. We also have solutions for personal, medical, vehicle and other tracking needs.

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Many, many thanks for your  GPS tracking system for our dogs. Your system protects our dogs and gives us peace of mind.  Learn more...
TrackEasy1™ is not only simple, but also a superb solution for my busy day life and my puppy.  Learn more...
A . Thank You. Love it. Now I can sleep at night. Best part was - You were there  to help me at 2:30 am" 
Learn more...
Just wanted to say thank you for creating this system! I just had to try it out after receiving it.  Learn more...
Idea of a GPS tracker for pets is GREAT.  I am currently using it and it works better then I thought.  Learn more...
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