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Animals RF Deluxe Tracker $44.99 (no monthly fees)
Animals RF Tracker

Animals RF Deluxe Pet Tracker is  the smallest RF tracker in the market with the newest Digital RF technology


Animals RF Deluxe Pet Tracker ARFDT is the smallest and most lightweight RF Trackers available on the market today, suitable for the smallest cats and dogs, as well as all other animals .


This self-contained RF Tracker requires no external connections or antennas. Simply attach the device on the pet's collar and begin tracking. Animals RF tracker is  all New Digital RF Technology.

New Digital RF Technology

Using the latest Digital RF technology, the Animals RF Deluxe Pet Tracker senses when the distance between the Master and the Slave units is over short distance (82ft±32ft / 25m±10m) or long distance (164ft±32ft / 50m±10m), triggering a high alarm in both the Master and Slave units, thereby alerting the pet owner to check the location of their pet. (As battery life decreases, the alarm volume decreases.)

Smart Detection
The Master unit can search for the Slave within a range of 0~656ft / 0~200m. The distance is displayed by the LEDs on the Master unit. The closer the Master approaches the Slave, the more LEDs light on the Master. There is also a low battery alarm for low power detection. (“Terrain and other environmental factors can affect the range.”)

Small Slave Size Fit Most Pets
The Slave is with no sharp edges to hurt your Pet, and it can be easily attached to most pet collars.

Sleeping Mode
The Pet Tracker can be switched to “Sleep Mode” when the alarm function is not needed.

Long Battery Life Time
Under sleeping mode, battery life time of both Master and Slave unit is 90 days.
Under standby mode, battery life time of Master is over 30 days.
Under standby mode, battery life time of Slave is 30 days.
(Search and Alarm functions decrease battery life.)

Prevent Pet Loss
Water Splashy Resistant Cover
Detect Distance and Direction
Sleeping Mode
Built-in Multi Distance Alarm Features
Set for Most Collars (smallest pets)
Prevent The Most RF Interference