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Price: $ 129.00
Personal TrackEasy1 GPS tracker

Reliable Personal GPS Tracker with the Most Sophisticated Tracking Platform


The TrackEsy1 is a small and reliable GPS Tracking Device on the market today.  My Personal GPS TrackEasy1 – is a GPS tracker that will provide a new level of security and enhance your peace of mind by being able to find your loved one’s tracker location at anytime from almost anywhere via the internet, cellular phone, or from our customer service.

Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, extreme sports participants, Scouting organizations, and caretakers of persons with Autism, Down Syndrome, or Alzheimer’s.  Enhance the safety and security of any person by attaching a TrackEasy1.  This small device works outdoors with limited indoor coverage and offers a significant level of security that has never before been available.

Price: $ 219.00
Personal Watch Phone GPS Tracker

My Personal GPS TrackEasy2 Sophisticated Personal Phone-Watch-GPS Tracker


This is great gadget that combines function of watch, cell phone and GPS.
There is nothing cooler than being able to call all of your friends from your wristwatch. As long as you have a GSM SIM card inserted in to the watch it becomes not only a neat digital watch, but a fully equipped cell phone with a tracking support, voice mode monitoring, sport watch features and basic personal organizer. Support both GPRS and SMS and two-way voice communication, the smallest size in the world. Ideal for outdoor activities, sports, etc


Price: $ 199.00
Personal Tracker with Monitor Options

My Personal GPS TrackEasy3 Sophisticated Personal Phone-Monitor-GPS Tracker


Our next generation TrackEasy3 has it all you need to have your Peace of Mind
My Personal GPS TrackEasy3 – has all of features of our TrackEasy1 and TrackEasy2 Personal Trackers. In an addition to these features,  it also  has a few more very important features, such as: Voice Monitoring, Motion Sensor and Preprogrammed Phone Buttons.  This is significant ideal for enhance the safety and security of any individual or family member: kids, parents, elderly individuals, or anyone else.