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TrackEasy5_Vehicle GPS Tracker

The TrackEasy5 is a another GPS tracker from our TrackEasy family trackers. TrackEasy5 can save your business thousands of dollars and help streamline efficiency. How? By helping you track and manage all assets remotely. Quickly and easily locate lost or stolen equipment and reduce unnecessary delivery or transit detours. For delivery, transportation, or businesses that move or transport assets, GPS Trackers can help save on fuel costs and increase efficiency. You can effectively monitor your fleet and cut down on idle time in order to find the most efficient route for delivery, service, or transit. This applies to both transporting goods and keeping an eye on employees. With a GPS Tracker you can more effectively monitor and manage your employees helping you identify problems or delays, or even track you teenage kids driving habits. In case of theft, simply send special command and car will become disabled. Perfect for people in the jewelry industry, construction business, car manufacturers, and any business that ever has important assets in transit. TrackEasy5 tracker receives radio signals from the Global Positioning Satellites orbiting the earth. Once the device is activated, the TrackEasy network will begin receiving your tracker location information by sending a private data code over the GSM wireless cellular phone system to the TrackEasy PLATFORM. You will then be able to look up the information by viewing a detailed map of the last known location of your pet at any time by going to the internet at GPS PLATFORM, using mobile phone or by calling our call center. One of our many great features of TrackEasy5 is the ability to setup map Geofence so that our TrackEasy PLATFORM will alert you if your tracker exits a customized Geofence zone that you have created. You may also have the system trigger an “Alert” based upon the speed that your loved one, or your assets are traveling.

My Personal GPS TrackEasy5 

 Model: TRKEZ 005 

 $ 199.00 (S&H)
(price without service)

Device must be activated within 45 days of purchase

  • TrackEasy5 GPS Auto Tracker
  • Inserted 1100 mAh Lio-ion Battery
  • GPS/GSM/GPRS External Antenna
  • Ignition/Computer Cables
  • Recovery/Manual Software
  • USB Data Cable
  • Manual
  • Gift Box