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GPS Fleet Management with Industry Leading ROIThe My Personal® GPS Fleet Management System, is an end-to-end, 100% Web Hosted, Vehicle Tracking System that is currently used by over 10,000 worldwide.

My Personal GPS customers universally experience spectacular improvements in operational efficiencies that include increases in productivity, customer service and vehicle safety. Additionally, users of the My Personal GPS Fleet Management System experience significant decreases in fuel costs, overtime, and insurance premiums.

My Personal GPS Advantage – Intuitive Usability

How Discrete Wireless GPS Tracking WorksThe My Personal GPS Fleet Management System is known as the most user-friendly, intuitive, GPS tracking system in the fleet management. Number of years of utilizing input from thousands of fleet operators has resulted in balancing an affordable, extremely full featured application with user simplicity to maximize our customer’s value of time and resources.  My Personal GPS has been successful in leading the fleet management segment only because the  My Personal GPS Fleet Management System provides companies Everything You Are Looking For: Safety, Economical Cost, Most Important-Peace Of Mind.

Companies always are striving to maximize the output of their mobile resources have infinitely variable business processes. The My Personal GPS Fleet Management System is built for flexibility of user preferences. A few examples include user-configurable map default views, and security based – feature access to allow or block viewing of specific application components based upon your Company’s management reporting structure.

Additional application flexibility allows fleet management reports to be generated online, imported into other formats, and automatically sent via email daily, weekly or monthly.

Various Email alerts that include speeding, zone or location violations can be sent to your by email, SMS or phone call to your handheld device to allow you control over your fleet with maximum flexibility.

With the new My Personal GPS, supervisors can now view mapping and real time reporting components of the My Personal GPS Fleet Management System utilizing their handheld browser.

In summary, the My Personal GPS Fleet Management System has been designed and will continue to be improved by being dedicated to listening to customer’s feedback. The pursuit of providing even greater value to our customers keeps My Personal GPS focused on continual improvement, only gained by constant interaction with our clients and markets.

Important GPS Fleet Management Benefits

Animals GPS TrackEasy1 Real-Time Locate Tool

Animals GPS TrackEasy1 Decreased Overtime

Animals GPS TrackEasy1 Improved Customer Service

Animals GPS TrackEasy1 More Accurate Billing

Animals GPS TrackEasy1 Reduced Response Time

Animals GPS TrackEasy1  Lower Insurance Costs 5-15%

Animals GPS TrackEasy1 Benefits of a Virtual Time Clock

Animals GPS TrackEasy1 Validation of Service Calls

Animals GPS TrackEasy1 Decreased Driver Speeding


Best Vehicle Tracking Solution for any vehicle owner

Advanced  Web Platform

General Info
The My Personal GPS Fleet Tracking Application has the most comprehensive suite of features and tools in the industry. New components include point to point routing with driving directions, automated report delivery. Enhanced features include new mapping, a user-defined location radius, route playback, new reports and additional real-time alerts. These features give you virtually continuous information about stop times, locations, routes taken, vehicle speed and other user-defined parameters. The system maintains a vehicle history with various dates range.

Various Features

Multiple User Defined Reports

 Real Time Alerts

 Automate Email Report Delivery

 Anti-theft  Command

Historical Data Archived

 Various Minute Updates

 No Software to Buy

 One Consolidated Monthly Bill

Do you always know where your fleet and your employees are?

The vehicle pictured below was photographed by the beach on a work day with a boat trailer attached. The boat and the employee were on the water having fun while the boss was paying for it.

This system was created specifically for service and delivery companies needing an efficient, cost effective method to manage their fleets. The My Personal GPS application converts GPS data into user-friendly maps and reports, accessible via the internet, via phone, or simply phone call . No software is required, simply login using any PC or Handheld Device with Internet Support and instantly access your data. Compared to other vehicle tracking methods, the My Personal GPS system provides the most user-friendly information in the fastest, most cost-effective method available. My Personal GPS customers universally experience dramatic operational improvements which include increases in productivity, customers service and vehicle safety.