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Will TrackEasy 1 tracker harm my pet?
Can the TrackEasy 1 tracker be worn by toy breeds or cats?
I live outside the USA. Will TrackEasy 1 tracker work in my location?
How do I know if my area is covered?
If my pet runs away, how often will I receive updates of his or her location?
How long do the batteries last?
Will my pet tracker work in heavily wooded areas?
What cellular providers is the TrackEasy 1 tracker compatible with?
I live in a rural area with few street addresses. How will I be able to find my pet?
Is the TrackEasy 1 tracker waterproof?
If I am traveling with my pet, will I still be able to use TrackEasy 1 tracker?
When I travel with my pet, can I change my boundary settings?
Is there a size limit to the AnimalsGPS tracker boundary?
Is it difficult to change the size of the boundary?
Can I arrange to have more than one person receive location information?
Can I use the TrackEasy 1 tracker to track my vehicle or for personal tracking?
0 I have a question that you did not address, how can I get an answer?
I have more than one dog, can I receive a discount on the pricing?
How much does the AnimalsGPS tracker weigh?
Why am I getting alerts on the Command Center, but I am not getting alerts on my cell phone?