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Chairman's Statement

A Warm Welcome from Animals GPS Company

In today's Internet era everything changes swiftly and the same is happening in the wireless communications sector where new challenges and innovation are introduced in a flash. Animals GPS Company immensely contributes to these market dynamics and I am always amazed by the advancements of our technology capabilities and design expertise, often resulting in the development of innovative wireless solutions to the delight of our valued clients, users and colleagues. In particular, trendy, smaller and portable GPS enabled GSM trackers abound in the market and constantly developing with new models almost every nine months. Today, they are considered a necessity by all the young ones and adults, touching the lives of every tech-savvy city-dweller.

Animals GPS Company is a part of the telecommunications industry for number of years now, earning us market's trust and loyalty to our brand. Today, we are synonymous with integrity and reliability and we pride ourselves in holding steadfast to our business culture of operating transparently and efficiently.

Drawing from years' of expertise and continuous research, we steadfastly strive to remain at the forefront in terms of both design and technological advancement. We are dedicated to delivering the latest technology to our customers in the most quickest and versatile manner and which I particularly believe will result in Animals GPS, Co.'s inevitable growth.

Today, there is a phenomenal developing trend in the market as more and more companies enter into the wireless communications sector which helps to produce and design devices with more efficiency. We have the expertise and technology to address this phenomenon, thanks to our unique product design and solution service model. I am proud that today, we have one of the best device design houses in the market. We are also excited that soon, our products will be available in the international markets.

I am confident that whatever your wireless tracking needs are, you will find your experience with Animals GPS Company a rewarding one, and one which will add efficiency and convenience to your and your family's life.