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SMS Terms of Use

Instructions & Terms Regarding Receiving AnimalsGPS Location Information Via SMS

AnimalsGPS customers can opt-in to receive SMS notifications from AnimalsGPS.  If customers elect to receive SMS notifications, they are required to opt-in on the activation page of to receive SMS notifications.  Standard /other charges may apply to all SMS messages to and generated by AnimalsGPS customers for AnimalsGPS SMS notifications.  
The opt-in process requires the customer to first provide their mobile phone information on the website, select those types of SMS notifications they wish to receive and check the acceptance box for terms and conditions. 
Those Customers who choose to receive Location Information via Short Message Service (“SMS”) to their mobile phones must review and agree to these additional terms:    

The website features a box that a Customer must check to if Customer was to receive Location Information via SMS.

Customers must enter the mobile phone number of their mobile phone where prompted on the website.  This number is for the mobile phone to which the Customer wants to have mobile notifications sent. This process enables the Customer to receive SMS notifications.

All terms of the AnimalsGPS Customer Agreement apply regarding AnimalsGPS’s use of SMS messages to send Location Information to Customers.

Once a Customer has registered at to receive Location Information via SMS, he or she can query the location of his or her AnimalsGPS device(s) using the following SMS commands:

DeviceName LOC (input is NOT case sensitive) where “DeviceName” is the first 1-3 characters of the device name. If a unique match cannot be determined for the user, an error response will be sent requesting user to submit more characters so the device can be identified. (Sample: Demo1- would be Dem Loc) The user’s command MUST be sent from the SMS number stored in “My Account”. All commands are initiated by sending the SMS from your wireless phone to the DATABASE PLATFORM access number:


The following command is currently active in DATABASE PLATFORM (If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

AnimalsGPS will then send an SMS to the Customer with the Location Information included, for example:  "
Sample:  Demo1 at 1234 Main St, Your town, STATE, ZIP CODE –Country-Time location reported "

To receive assistance regarding receiving AnimalsGPS Location Information via SMS:

Customer can go to to read FAQ’s of the Terms and Conditions, or
Customer can contact AnimalsGPS customer service at 1-800-260-INFO (4636) toll free, or

Customer can send an email to