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Many, many thanks for your fabulous GPS tracking system for our dogs. Both our dogs got out of our yard today and we found them in under 15 minutes. We knew exactly where they were at all times. Before we had Animal GPS, the dogs would disappear for a day or even two days. We were constantly worried and frightened for their safety. Your system protects our dogs and gives us peace of mind. Your customer service is also top-notch. We have never had such tremendous support for a new product. Thank you!

Hillsborough, CA   01/31/2009

Just wanted to say thank you for creating this system!  I just had to try it out after receiving it.  As I left my house with my dog and her device in fence mode I received a message showing our exact location.  Thanks again!  YOUR PRODUCT IS EXCELENT.

Linda, Astoria, NY  02/15/2009

I was given a TrackEasy1™ device to try and assess for my dog COPONE (boxer). I can only say,” IT IS GREAT”!  It works better then I would have imagined.  It was fast, easy, and accurate.  One of the BEST features is the on demand request.  I called my device from my Iphone, and then five seconds later, I had a map which showed where my dog was. THANK YOU.

David, Evanston, IL 02/18/2009

Your Idea of a GPS tracker for pets is GREAT.  I am currently using it and it works better then I thought. Thank You.

Regina, Dallas, TX   03/21/2009

Our family dog ran away and my kids were very upset for days until we received a phone call from a local kennel saying that they have our dog.  Right after this happened we saw an advertisement for your product and purchased it.  The TrackEasy1™ gave us not only a peace of mind but we also know where our pet is.  Thank You.

Michael, Chicago. IL 04/11/2009